Laboratory Information Management System

Arch Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) allows you to effectively manage samples and associated data. By using LIMS, your lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information.
Additionally, you can produce reliable results more quickly and can track data from sequencing runs over time and across experiments to improve efficiency.
arch laboratory information system

Key Benefits Of LIMS

Although the primary purpose of a LIMS is to track and manage samples, it can do so much more. It can:

Enable workflow automation which can in turn reduce human error

Centralize access and storage of quality control data

Support compliance efforts

Track reagents and lots

Perform instrument run monitoring

Initiate downstream data analysis

Integrate with instruments or other in-lab systems to improve lab efficiency

Benefits Of LIMS

LIMS can completely transform your laboratory into an innovative center of excellence.
Here are some of the major benefits of adopting a LIMS solution:


  • Your team will begin to notice efficiency gains almost immediately with a LIMS because your lab protocols and information are centralized and allow easy access.
  • Using a dashboard, where you can see real-time results, streamlines your workflow because each member of your team has your most frequently accessed tools at their fingertips whenever they need them.


  • Errors can be virtually eliminated by automating tasks such as assignments, tracking progress, and validating data.
  • LIMS integrates all applications so you can share and transfer data without running the risk of duplicating or omitting information, or missing entries.


  • Your lab can optimize productivity by sharing real-time data, providing clear timelines, and enhancing deliverables.
  • Team members can cut down on over-due tasks and use automated tools to perform multiple calculations simultaneously.

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